Jigsaw PSHE Ltd

Jigsaw Primary is an original, comprehensive Scheme of Learning for Early Years to Year 6 . It intergrates PSHE, emotional literacy, social skills, spiritual development and SMSC opportunities in a lesson-a-week programme and includes all teaching resources.

Jigsaw 11-16 gives comprehensive coverage of PSHE, fulfils statutory Relationships and Sex Education, has easy to use lesson plans and a flexible delivery model. The scheme includes Mental health and resilience, Personal development, Mindfulness philosophy and practice, the Development of 'employability skills' and CV, and supports Safeguarding, SMSC and British Values and signposts to national support.

Jigsaw Families supports families by giving them knowledge, skills and confidence to develop strong, lasting and loving relationships that help children thrive. Jigsaw families sessions provide a safe and non-threatening envirnoment for children and their parents/carers to learn about themsleves, their relationships, positive behaviour and comminication; all through the medium of original audio stories and Jigsaw Jonty.

Jigsaw Resilience and Engagement Scale and Toolkit (R.E.S.T) A straightforward measurement scale which considers 10 steps to resilience, with activities and lessons from Jigsaw, the mindful approach to PSHE, acting as interventions to build each of the 10 steps (the toolkit).

Latest Offers

FREE Recovery Package for your return to school

Jigsaw has children and young people at its heart and we will do our best to offer support in the form of:

 The Jigsaw 3-11 ‘Recovery’ package (FREE) (taking account of government guidance and with our concern for emotional and mental health)

This package is FREE to Schools and comprises:

    · Assemblies (should you be able to bring groups of children together in a big       space) to help re-establish the sense of belonging and community, singing          together and establishing routines, and focusing on relevant issues on    


    · Lessons for different age phases relevant to the situation if they are not        already in Jigsaw or if the current Jigsaw lessons need tweaking to be        more specific to the situation e.g.

       Temporary revised Jigsaw Charter

       The Coronavirus

       Keeping safe and well

       Managing worries, fears and anxieties

       Loss and bereavement

       Re-connecting with friends

       Gratitude and appreciation (people who look after us, what was good about        being at home…)

       Looking forward to learning



    · A map which shows how the current lessons in Jigsaw can be used to       support specific issues that may be prevalent on return to school




    b) The digital download version of Jigsaw REST (Resilience and     Engagement Scale and Toolkit) (Minimal cost)

    (This consists of x2 staff training sessions, x1 parent session, the Resilience     Scale and suggested interventions)

    Jigsaw REST has a Scale comprising 10 descriptors that can be used to     measure each child’s resilience level and to inform interventions specific to     each descriptor.

    Schools effectively use the Scale as a Screening Tool to see which children’s     resilience needs building and which descriptors need most boosting. This     then informs the interventions needed, and activities already in Jigsaw PSHE     3-11 are flagged as potential interventions, building on the Jigsaw     mindfulness approach etc


    This Screening Tool could be invaluable to gauge children’s emotional     wellbeing after being off school through the Covid crisis, or indeed being at     school but with things far from ‘normal’.


    Jigsaw REST in hard copy costs £350 plus VAT, but as we believe this could     prove an invaluable screening and support tool to check and build children’s     resilience as they return to school, we are offering it to Jigsaw schools for just     £100 plus VAT as a digital download.

    See the online shop www.jigsawpshe.com


    We hope that offering our ‘Recovery’ package for FREE and the chance to     purchase Jigsaw REST for just £100 (plus VAT) will give an extra layer of     support to schools, teachers and children.