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Ednorth (3rd July, 2020)

Ednorth is a programme that aims to inspire change in all classrooms across the North East by promoting an educational culture led by informed debate, research, collaboration and excellence.

It will provide teachers across the region with the tools and techniques to cut through the fog of government guidance,commercial ‘silver bullets’, and poor quality research that is currently driving the zero-sum game of educational improvements focused on exam results, condemning our schools to cycles of under-performance and wasted effort.

Ednorth is not about getting ahead of the game, but changing the game completely, and how to maintain that indefinitely beyond any group of school leaders.


Schools North East staff working from home

Schools North East staff working from home (3rd July, 2020)

Schools North East staff will now be working from home until further notice. The team will continue to be available to take your calls and emails as normal.

To get in touch please:


Call 07710781908 or 07850908045

September reopening plans announced

September reopening plans announced (3rd July, 2020)

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson announced plans for all students to return in September a week after plans were leaked to the press, with key aspects being no social distancing and the introduction of accountability measures for next academic year.

Post Covid-19 Mental Health a key concern for school staff

Post Covid-19 Mental Health a key concern for school staff (3rd July, 2020)

The Covid-19 pandemic will be seen as the defining issue for a generation.  As we come out of ‘lockdown’ and move toward full reopening, there is an anticipation that schools across the country will be facing a deluge of related mental health issues affecting students and staff such as we’ve never seen before.