InVentry Ltd

The InVentry Sign in Solution manages Visitor, Staff, and Student Sign in, using a sleek and stylish touch screen interface located at the reception.

Staff have the ability to sign in via barcode, RFID card, or mobile App. Our multi-platform Apps also allow for external registration in the event of a fire, and registration for breakfast and after-school clubs using our ClubReg system.


InVentry fully integrates with most MIS – including Capita SIMS, RM Integris, CMIS, Progresso, and Bromcom. This includes late marks written back to the attendance module in permitting MIS.


ClassMark is our Classroom Registration product built for our Primary Schools. ClassMark is accessible from any device, including iPad and interactive classroom displays. The system has been designed to be as user friendly as possible, to the extent that many of our Infant schools use the system to involve their pupils in the registration process! When shown on the interactive display in the classroom, children are able to walk up and touch their own photographs before a member of staff authorises the marks to be sent back to SIMS.


School Audit is the latest product to be brought to the InVentry portfolio, and is Compliance and Asset Management software to allow schools to take control of the tracking of assets within the school.