Become a Partner School

Schools North East is the glue that keeps our region's schools together. We are the here to give you a voice and provide a bridge between schools and policymakers.

The Partner Schools Membership drives what we do. It enables you to have a voice at a national level. It connects schools with one another, both formally and informally, to support the exchange of best practice, to help school leaders access fresh thinking and to test new ideas and pedagogy. It connects Partner Schools with key decision makers and influencers including our region’s most senior politicians.


Become part of the voice. Be part of the movement.

Let’s change the game together.


  How do we support our Partner Schools?


Opportunities to hold conversations and discussions regarding topics and issues that are relevant to you.

MP Roundtables

Speak truth to power. Local MPs from throughout the region attend roundtables to discuss issues relevant to you and your school. 

Networking, Events and Webinars

Partner Schools receive a 20% discount on conference tickets and two seats at our annual Patron's Dinner. Each term, we host a minimum of 9 free webinars covering Governance, SBM and Recruitment and Retention, supporting schools by providing free high quality webinars and CPD.

Providing the bridge between schools and the world of policy.

We provide our Partners with Bitesize Briefings, Stakeholder Briefings (reflecting your messages from roundtables) and the latest news through newsletters.

Up to 100 pupils - £80.00 + VAT
101-599 pupils -   £190.00 +VAT
Over 600 puplis - £350.00 +VAT


Please contact us for more information about Trust or cluster group membership.

Am I already a Partner School?


We welcome you to join us from outside of the region and have a growing number of Partner Schools beyond the North East.

Please contact us to discuss how we can support you.