Kenton School Stays Safe

16th September 2020

Bubbles, portable sinks and sanitising stations are just a few things that Kenton School has implemented to ensure that their opening for the new term is a successful one.

Speaking to the Chronicle Assistant Principal Claire Gibson said: “We’re trying to make it a welcoming environment, especially for the year 7s who may be walking in for the very first time.”

With 1800 children coming back to the school preparation was vital and they have been thorough. Sanitising stations and portable sinks have been installed in the halls and social distancing signage is up all around the school.

Year groups have become “bubbles” which are not allowed to mix. Each bubble has their own blocks of classrooms, their own stretch of yard and different entrance and exit points which have been colour coded for each “bubble” to minimise any risk that there could be through mixing outside of year groups. A fun and effective measure which the school has taken is handing out branded Kenton School masks which the pupils are required to wear, giving students a greater sense of school identity and ensuring they have facemasks.

Hygiene is a real focus with portable sinks, automatic hand sanitiser machines installed, and posters about how to spot Covid-19 symptoms and hand washing displayed around the school. Staff have even recorded demonstration videos to help students understand how to properly wash their hands.

While the school hopes to remain open, plans are in place to ensure that if students are required to self isolate or the school is closed, learning can be accessible online.

Kenton School is just one of the many schools in the North-East who have done their utmost to ensure that the children who are returning to schools can do so in a safe manner. If you would like to share how your return to school has gone in the Schools North East newsletter, send us your story.