Generous students support their community

24th January 2022

Pupils from Haughton Academy in Darlington used some of their time over the festive period to help those who are more disadvantaged than themselves.

The pupils and their families collected 71 boxes of provisions and donated these to the King’s Church Food Bank alongside boxes of presents which were donated to the Salvation Army for distribution to those who are in need. Fourteen-year-old Sam Morton who led the Salvation Army campaign said:

“I just realised that a lot of people might not  have any presents coming this year and I wanted to do  something that would make them feel happier. It was  brilliant to see how generous people were and I was over  the moon about how much was donated. It is wonderful  that people are prepared to do this at a time when many  are struggling.”

Head boy Tom Kipling, 16, added: “We pride ourselves on our ability to help out in the community and I think  collecting for the food bank is a great idea.”

The food bank charity the Trussell Trust has reported that there are 125,000 visits regionally and 2.5m visits nationally. The wintertime can be a time where people feel particularly isolated and struggle. For school pupils to display this level of initiative to help people who are in need is really a great thing.

Culture for learning lead Liam Taylor said deprivation  had definitely worsened because of the pandemic; “It has been an amazing effort by our pupils and their  families given the fact that many of our community have  been struggling and a lot of pupils have been off ill.”

Schools North East Director, Chris Zarraga said:

“This campaign is excellent to read about and is once again showing how schools in the North East are constantly going above and beyond to help their community. It is great that we can show off initiatives such as Haughton Academy. Schools North East remains committed to challenging the negative narrative which surrounds the North East and education.”