Congratulations as Town End Associate Research School gains full Research School status

15th July 2022

Sunderland based Town End Associate Research School (TEARS) has been designated by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) as a full research school from September 2023.

The Research Schools Network aims to lead the industry with evidence-based practice whilst bringing research closer to schools. TEARS is based within Town End Academy, part of WISE Academies.

School-led support for evidence-based practice

In the North East, Research Schools include NEAT Academy Trust’s Newcastle and Carmel Research School in Darlington.  TEARS will be the next school to attain full research school status. The partnership originally aimed to strengthen the provision of primary support in the North East, particularly focusing on using evidence to inform primary school best practice for teaching disadvantaged children.

Stella Jones, Director of Teaching and Learning at Wise said:

‘We are thrilled and privileged that Town End Associate Research School will be designated as a full research school from September 2023. A research school’s aim is to fulfill the Education Endowment Foundation’s mission of breaking the link between family income and educational achievement. We act as a bridge – translating and sharing the most up-to-date academic research, in a way that is accessible, practical and useful for busy schools. We look forward to working in partnership with schools and other organisations across the North East, to ensure that a real difference for our disadvantaged learners is made. Quality teaching is the single most important factor in improving outcomes for all children – we offer guidance, training and ongoing support around evidence-based practices and processes to support leaders to get this right for their staff and ultimately their learners.

Research Schools put research into practice and their network works together to provide training and professional development whilst building local capacity to support the use of evidence informed practice. Zoe Carr OBE, CEO at Wise Academies praised the work of the school, adding:

‘I am absolutely delighted that Town End Associate Research School has now gained full Research School status. This is testament to the great work that has been carried out so far by the staff who work in the Associate Research School. We are excited to build on the relationships that have been established with local schools and to extend our work further across the region. We look forward to working with other Research Schools across the North East to bring more evidence-based practice into all of our classrooms.’

Chris Zarraga, Director of Schools North East commented:

‘It is wonderful to hear of Town End Associate Research Schools upcoming Research School status. We are looking forward to seeing the results of their evidence based practices and the impact it will have on the schools of the region, especially those with disadvantaged students. It makes us proud to see the Education Endowment Foundation recognising the efforts of schools in the North East. I offer a massive congratulations to the staff for their continued hard work and look forward to see what comes next for Town End Associate School and WISE Academies’

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