YPO supplies products and services, and is 100% publicly owned. This means that the profits we make are returned to our public sector customers, delivering even better value for money.

We have a large choice available from leading UK suppliers, so we can provide you with everything you could possibly need to successfully run your organisation.

Our range includes approximately 30,000 products and 100 frameworks; so whether it’s just pens and paper, computers, furniture, or even things like electricity and insurance, we can help you get the best deals around.

As we can combine your demands with our other customers, we can negotiate a better deal for you than if you tried on your own. All of this means that you receive the best possible range and prices without ever having to compromise on service or quality.

Latest Offers

Discounted Data Protection Training

IG Start-up Toolkit

Data Protection e-Learning

Tariff - 20% discount off normal price.
Kindly contact IGSolutions@leeds.gov.uk for details