Winning With Numbers

At Winning With Numbers we work collaboratively with schools and parents to improve the life chances of young people by improving number fluency.  We provide a structured and systematic number curriculum and learning platform.  Winning With Numbers identifies 300 pieces of number knowledge and puts them in to a straight-line sequence of's like phonics for maths! The programme is simple to use and each of the 300 parts comes with a comprehensive suite of teaching and learning resources, training for staff and support for parents. Resources can be used in class and at home and include:

1. 300 Sequential Teaching Videos
2. 1200 Explicit Instruction Teaching Videos
3. 10s of Thousands of Online Practice & Retrieval Questions 
4. Online Learner Feedback & Support & Tracking for Staff
5. 300 Integrated Professional Development Videos

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Winning With Numbers

Winning with numbers allows children to have short bursts of maths on a daily basis.  The comparison with phonics is spot on!  It is a well-planned approach to maths so that children can build their knowledge in an incremental way.  Progression of learning is very clear and it is easy for teachers, children and parents to check progress and respond.  Ben is inspirational and the training was very insightful.  I left the training feeling excited to teach WWN and use the interactive platform which is filled with resources for both myself and the children and parents.