Wavelength Psychology

Working Together for Positive Change

Based in the North East of England, Wavelength Psychology is an Educational and Child Psychology Service dedicated to helping children, young people, families and schools.

Wavelength Psychology understands the complexities and challenges which face schools when helping and supporting children and young people to develop and achieve. Our flexible and bespoke packages are therefore designed with individual school communities in mind, and examples of the services which we are able to offer schools include:

  • Individual assessment work (ie. in response to concerns about learning and attainment, behaviour, and social and emotional development).
  • Therapeutic work with individual children and young people and groups.
  • Consultation with parents, school staff and attendance at meetings which require a psychological perspective.
  • Staff and parent drop in sessions.
  • Problem-solving sessions with groups of staff to develop ways of eliciting positive change within school.
  • Bespoke packages of staff training and CPD.

By applying psychology we add another dimension to the processes of understanding, developing and learning alongside children and young people.

We firmly believe that by travelling together in the same direction, parents, school staff and others who influence the lives of children can shape their future in positive ways. If we are all on the same wavelength we can achieve so much more.