VisiPoint is the easy-to-use visitor management system your visitors and staff will love.

Enhance your school safeguarding and deliver a warm welcome to your visitors from the moment they step through the door.

Watch how VisiPoint provides a friendly welcome at reception in our short video here.


  • Pre-register visitors for speedy entry with QuickPass - add their details to the system in advance and issue a mobile QuickPass QR code so your guest can scan the code on their phone to sign in.
  • Access instant emergency lists - from any device with a browser, you can pull-up an instant register of everyone on site and check them off as ‘found’ in case of an emergency situation.
  • Print ID badges in seconds - VisiPoint captures a photo of visitors during sign-in and automatically prints an ID badge within seconds.
  • Get real-time reports of everyone signed in - The management dashboard gives you comprehensive reports in real-time, from any browser-enabled device. 
  • Enhance the visitor experience - give your visitors an excellent first impression with a modern, sleek system and intuitive user interface. The system is easy to use and makes the sign-in process fast, efficient and paperless.
  • Keep your data safe and secure - Store the data you capture securely in the cloud in full compliance with GDPR, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your valuable data is not susceptible to breaches and hacks. 
  • Integrate with your MIS system - Record your late student sign-ins/ early sign-outs in VisiPoint and sync these automatically with your MIS system and save hours in manual data entry.
  • Quick sign-in with RFID - Staff can sign in within secods by swiping their access card or fob on the device.


Gibside School

“It has helped us reduce paperwork and
streamline the process at reception. Staff
have more time to deal with internal
requests and visitors like the touch screen
system. Safeguarding has also been
improved and the printed badges are a nice

Fulford Primary

The VisiPoint system is very reliable, easy to use, helps us to meet our GDPR and safeguarding requirements and in the event of a whole school emergency we can remotely pull up a list of who is on site to ensure everyone's' safety. It's more efficient than using a sign-in book and makes it easy to look up past visitors, for example if we need to find a phone number or the date and time of a visit. The support is brilliant and we always get a quick response. Visitors find it easy to use and like the verbal greeting message! We'd definitely recommend VisiPoint to others.

Manchester Islamic Educational Trust

We needed a sign-in solution for GDPR, better record keeping of visits and to have data available on cloud therefore accessible from anywhere with internet. We find VisiPoint simple to use and it's easy to implement changes wherever and whenever needed. Compared to other solutions we found the console was better and more accessible, more user friendly and more competitive in price. The support team are good and responsive. We would certainly recommend the system for its versatility and ease of use.


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