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The Litmus Partnership is an independent facilities management consultancy. We assist schools to deliver value for money performance from services such as catering and cleaning in order to maximise budget performance.

We assist schools in achieving the best operational and financial performance from their services, whether they are outsourced or run in-house.

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Are you considering an options review of your contracts post pandemic

As the restriction of lockdown and its impact begins to reduce, now is the time to consider the potential direct or indirect effects of the coronavirus outbreak on your existing commercial contracts. Any impact will depend on a variety of factors, such as size, structure, services and their delivery as well as the terms that were agreed most likely prior to the recent pandemic.


If you believe the recent challenges are and will have a negative effect on an existing foodservice and FM related contracts, such as higher material costs, reduced capacity, and fewer sites. All of which will impact on budgets and you may wish to consider your options relating to the contract terms including renegotiating or even terminating and re-tendering the relevant contract.


In some cases, it may not be necessary to act as your supplier partner’s ability to perform the relevant contract has not been affected but this is highly unlikely. Working with a consultant familiar with the challenges of contractual renegotiations is key as it will help you to establish what the key issues and opportunities are and what the challenges and risks are with making a change or doing nothing. They can help establish if the risks of terminating the contract are higher than the risks of continuing with the existing contract. Another option would be to develop a short-term contract and revise your terms and conditions of trading as and when necessary.


What is clear is that in the current climate of rising inflation, labour and goods shortages this is a critical time for an organisation to make necessary changes to protect itself. Litmus brings over 30 years of experience of supporting Education clients working with Schools or all sizes. By combining our expertise in education facilities consultancy with hands-on experience of education catering, hospitality services, school cleaning and facilities management together with an ability to think creatively, we bring a fresh perspective to the challenges and opportunities you face.


So, if want to know what truly matters most to your customers or just want the peace of mind that you’re getting best value for your services perhaps The Litmus Partnership can help.


Please contact us via email or alternatively call us on 01276 673880. We would be delighted to hear from you.


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