The Inspirational Learning Group

The Inspirational Learning Group (TILG) is the home of the UK's largest enterprise challenge, The National Careers Challenge. In our decade of working with schools, we have delivered to over 600 schools and over 450,000 students across the UK. We continue to pride ourselves on our in-person drop-down delivery days, linked to big businesses such as NatWest, Air Products, and Thorpe Park. However, we are also thrilled to be unveiling our brand new Virtual Reality Careers Discovery platform! This service is FREE for all schools and allows students to explore their own personality preferences, possible careers to pursue, and, most importantly, Virtual Reality encounters with real employers such as Tesco, Butlin's, DFDS, and more!

Latest Offers

Discounted Enterprise Challenge Days

TILG is delighted to be joining the Schools North East network and is happy to offer a discount to all secondary schools and colleges in the North East for our Enterprise Challenge days. 

These full drop-down days will see students solving real-world business challenges for NatWest, Thorpe Park, or Air Products, as they develop their soft-skills and entrepreneurial mindset! 

Typically £1,650 + VAT, we are making an introductory offer to Schools North East schools of a discount down to £1,500 + VAT. This includes 4 trained facilitators to deliver the day, to ensure that teachers have a much deserved mental break when it comes to Careers Education / PSHE.

Learn more here! 


What do students say about our Challenges?

Over the last 10 years, we have delivered with over 600 schools and over 450,000 learners! Check out this video to hear from just a few of the students who we've worked with!