The Elephant Group

The Elephant Group charity was founded in 2018 by school principal Matt Jones OBE (Ark Globe Academy) and fellow headteachers to address the systematic underrepresentation of students from non-selective state schools at top universities.  We collaborate across regional hubs with non-selective state schools and universities to support talented students to access ‘top third’ universities. There is a large gap between state students accessing these top universities (23%) vs their privately educated peers (56%) which we seek to address.

Through a multi-stakeholder collaborative model, The Elephant Group provides state schools with knowledge, resources and opportunities for teachers and students.

We create regional partnerships with school leaders, universities, corporates and third sector partners, and co-deliver our Year 12-13 Elephant Access Programme to support students to achieve their potential. Our partners include over 40 schools nationwide, 10 highly selective universities including Oxford and Cambridge, Proctor and Gamble, Newton Europe, Access Ed and many others.