SG World

SG World sold our first product into a UK school back in 1969, since then we’ve grown into a successful £10 million business.

We have a diverse portfolio but all of our products have a common thread; making it easy for schools and colleges to adopt best practice processes into their daily routines. Whether it’s tracking your visitors, safeguarding your students or managing your asset inventory, our practical solutions help busy staff make the most of their time and budget:

With nearly 50 years experience working with the Education sector, SG World’s products are tried and trusted by thousands of UK schools and colleges. 

Latest Offers

Free 2021/2022 School Planner

A wise man once said expect the best but plan for the worst and we've got just the thing to help plan the school year. Yes we're giving way a printed A2 school wall planner, the perfect way for everyone to keep track of important dates and events in the staffroom.  Order your copy now.


5D Visitor - Mount Pellon School, Halifax

"We had different books for visitors and staff, they would constantly be going missing and the office would fill up with mid-day queues. Now with 5D Visitor, it’s easy enough for all our staff to use, and the congestion is gone.

It’s not only useful for the fire register, but to save us time if a phone call comes in for a staff member and we have to find out if they’re on-site or not. 

We use the reporting function to get the record of comings and goings and have also use it to check on lateness or frequent absences”. 

5D Asset - Ivybridge Primary, Hounslow

"The software has already saved us a huge amount of time – and therefore money. We have a fully populated, up-to-date inventory in place which is easy to access, update and monitor.  We were delighted to find the price so reasonable. The support we have had so far has been excellent. I have already recommended AudIT to other schools in the area.”

Contractor Management - Queens College, Oxford

"The college wanted to put in place a user friendly system of recording contractors visits and permits for some time. This facility would enable us to assess any risk, issue appropriate permits, ensure their safety and meet Health & Safety guidance and legislation. The whole process from enquiry to delivery went really smoothly. We’re all very pleased with the way the system works. It’s been adopted by everyone and the porters have taken to the system very well.”