School Business Services (SBS) Ltd.

School Business Services (SBS) was founded by specialists in schools’ Finance and Technology, to bring enterprise-level skills, mindset and systems for the efficient and cost-effective management of schools and school-group operations.   

We have expert education-specific teams across Budgeting, Finance & Accountancy, HR & Payroll, ICT and MIS.  

Our budget management software is SBS Budgets, which helps schools to create time, gain confidence and save money. SBS Budgets can be integrated with the leading accounting and MIS systems via SBS Sync and users can track all changes to their school budget using SBS Audits.  

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Latest Offers

Switch to SBS Budgets at no extra cost

SBS are pleased to offer members of Schools North East an exclusive offer!

Buy a 3 year subscription for our Financial Planning and Forecasting Software SBS Budgets and get up to 12 months free. Switch from your current provider to SBS Budgets at no additional cost but get the benefit of the leading budgeting software from the off. 

We're available this summer to show you the system and discuss how it could work for you. Get budget ready for September. 


Financial Planning and Forecasting Software for Seaton Valley Federation

From our very first conversation I have found everyone at School Business Services to be extremely professional and helpful. Where many other companies thought they couldn’t help us, the team at SBS worked hard on a bespoke solution for our federation which does exactly what I wanted it to and links seamlessly with IRIS Financials (formerly PS Financials). Days spent on payroll reconciliation each month have been reduced to just two or three hours.

Budget construction and amendments are so straightforward and for the first time ever we can see the impact of proposed changes during initial discussions at SLT. Working in the cloud means I can make changes from any of our schools at any time. And no matter who answers the phone when you ring up, I know I will get the same quality support and that my query will be quickly resolved. I would recommend SBS Budgets to all SBMs everywhere.