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Rockerbox News is a dynamic literacy improvement platform that harnesses the power of non-fiction content.

Designed and proven to show quick and tangible impact on attainment, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency, with Rockerbox News you'll also unleash your learners' curiosity, thirst for knowledge, and global awareness.

With one simple click, Rockerbox News enables educators to personalise literacy strategies and smoothly triangulate learning between student, teacher, and parent.

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FREE to Support EAL Learners

Research shows that EAL learners have been catching up at just two thirds of the speed of their peers post lockdowns and school closures. That’s why we are providing the Rockerbox News literacy improvement platform FREE for your school to support EVERY EAL LEARNER, their parents, and your teachers for the entire 2021/2022 academic year.

Book your free Rockerbox News demonstration and register your school today.