Renaissance is a leading provider of cloud-based assessments for over 1.5 million students of all ages, in more than 6,000 schools in the UK & Ireland.

Renaissance Accelerated Reader and Renaissance Accelerated Maths programmes personalise practice for every student, motivating them to make progress and allowing teachers accurately to monitor their growth.

Renaissance Star Assessments for reading, maths and early learning incorporate learning progressions developed by experts at NFER – so they identify not only the skills students know but also the skills they are ready to learn next..

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Accelerated Reader & Star Reading North East

The Rydal Academy, Darlington

AR has significantly increased pupils enthusiasm for reading. It guides daily curricular reading, clubs, homework and is now ingrained in the schools practices.

Since introducing AR Reading ages and SATs outcomes have improved. Pupils are now enthusiastic readers. Plus, Star Reading has supported our planning, SEN identification and tracking We use it to specifically identify gaps in learning.

We have gone from a school of reluctant readers to reading over 130 million words a year.

Accelerated Reader & Star Reading North East

Rose Wood Academy, Middlesbrough

The biggest impact we’ve seen since introducing AR & Star Reading has been the number of children taking quizzes and the recognition of high impact, quality texts for reading. It helps with learning as teachers can print off a whole class diagnostic report once a week which is shared with children.

Since introducing Accelerated Reader we’ve noticed that children are more keen to read - wanting to score well and really thinking about their responses.

Star Reading has supported our staff mostly due to the accuracy on tests and knowing which children to target for interventions.

Both Accelerated reader and Star Reading have had a great impact on reading in school so far and the tests and in school rewards we give based on these outcomes help children to want to become better readers.

Accelerated Reader & Star Reading North East

Nunthorpe Academy, Redcar and Cleveland

Using STAR testing we are able to monitor all KS3 students' progress and easily identify students who need some form of intervention. This means we're able to keep a forward momentum throughout KS3 and help continue the good work begun at Primary. Through AR we are able to monitor that students are actually reading 20 minutes per day as instructed (combination of lessons, form time and homework) and that they are reading within their ZPD. The impact is seen throughout the school in all subjects and all year groups as they progress through the school.

We needed a far more efficient way of discovering students' reading ages without simply giving them all the same paper test which did not differentiate for ability and was also incredibly time consuming to mark. On top of this, once we knew the reading ages we need a simple effective way of knowing whether students were actually reading or simply taking a book for the lesson, reading the middle and replacing it - never reading a book from beginning to end.

All students in KS3 are STAR tested at the beginning of every term. Students have one literacy lesson per week where they read and their quizzes are monitored by the class teacher. Students are able to quiz during their literacy lesson and have access to Kindles for quizzing in the school library every day.

A huge increase of books being loaned from the library. It's no longer uncool to carry a book around school as all KS3 students are required to have a book. A big increase in interest around books - conversations about which books are interesting or easy or funny, etcetera.

We use the Screening Reports to help identify students who need intervention. We use the Growth Reports to monitor students' progress. For intervention groups we use the Reading Dashboard to identify which areas they need help with.

It has raised the profile and importance of literacy across the whole school, raised the literacy skills of students across the school and made reading more than just acceptable - students now see it as fun and get excited about new books and author events