The Pickatale for Schools reading tool offers pupils a new and exciting way to engage with literature using audio and karaoke-style text.

Not only is Pickatale for Schools free, it also helps to grow reading confidence, boosts literacy development and makes reading engaging for young people. It’s a great platform for teachers who work in primary, secondary and SEND schools.

The software can switch between reading and listening to the audio recording; students can view images and text to learn new words.

There’s also an excellent feature where students can take part in retrieval practice quizzes to test their knowledge. Perfect for teacher workload and in-class assessment.

What do teachers, parents and pupils benefit from?

When you sign up to Pickatale for Schools, you will access four product features:

  1. A live dashboard to create classes, assign homework and discover any words pupils are struggling to comprehend.
  2. Users can monitor pupil progress, saving time and increasing in-class interventions and assessments.
  3. Pupils can immerse themselves with interactive and personalised content!
  4. The library app contains over 900 hundred brilliant school-related books covering eight reading levels.

Parents and teachers can see how their child is progressing with their reading and help to support their love of reading at an early stage, and get involved in their learning journey.



Teacher testimonial

"I introduced Pickatale for Schools to my class towards the end of the last academic year. The children were eager to use the app at home so I gave them log ins so they could read in their spare time. There are a range of levelled books on the app for the children to read; I like how there are quizzes at the end of many books to check comprehension and I also like how there is an option to listen to the books be read aloud. I aim to get my new class set up on Pickatale this year. Free for schools and another tool to get children reading. Would recommend.”



Teacher testimonial

"For me, the best use of technology is when it's practical and it enhances and transforms what we can do. Pickatale's platform of accessible, interactive digital books is a great way to engage children with their reading. It works great as an addition to the physical books they already love."


Teacher testimonial

“The app had a wide range of choices and genres of books. It had excellent quizzes, which the children loved! The age bands reflected the children’s reading age and the children thoroughly loved using it.”