NYES supports educators nationwide to deliver an outstanding learning experience for all children and young people by providing a wide range of school improvement and professional support services.

Our vision: Outstanding education for all. We believe all children and young people should be provided with the knowledge, skills, environment and aspiration to be the best versions of themselves.

It therefore stands to reason that our mission is to enable high quality education provision at the heart of communities, where everyone is respected, valued and inspired to learn.



We believe that all children and young people should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential. NYES shares this duty of care with you and provides support to all schools, academies and settings, with the aim of delivering an outstanding learning experience for every pupil.

We put your needs first, delivering innovative, quality solutions which are value for money and harness the education sector’s creativity, passion and optimism.

We offer a wide range of innovative services for education providers across the UK including:

  • Clerking
  • Educational Visits
  • Employment Support
  • Facilities Management
  • HR
  • Health and Safety
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Online Learning
  • Payroll
  • School Improvement
  • Digital


Latest Offers

Join our SRMA Team

Are you a School Business or Finance Manager, Chief Financial Officer or Head of Financial Services?

Could you use your experience in education to work with, support and give advice to schools?

North Yorkshire County Council are proud to be only one of two supplier organisations in the country to be appointed by the DfE to supply School Resource Management Advisers (SRMAs) nationally as part of the government strategy for supporting excellent school resource management. NYES Financial Management Services manage this contract on behalf of the council.

NYES are looking for accredited or potential SRMAs to help us deliver the DfE contract.

To find out more visit: https://www.nyeducationservices.co.uk/join-our-srma-team

NEW Online Training

Are you planning your CPD for the next few weeks? Why not book your training with us. Most of our courses are online, delivered in a way that is accessible and convenient for you.

Courses cover everything from SEND and Safeguarding to HR and Health & Safety.

View our extensive range here: https://www.nyestraining.co.uk/Training


Providing Savings with Payroll Support

The Added Value of Our Payroll Support

Enlisting the help of our Payroll team offers a multitude of benefits for both you and your staff as we know how important it is to ensure your team are satisfied with the management of their remuneration.

Our team are extremely passionate about supporting the customers we work with which we, have been doing for over 25 years. Here are some of the other key features of our service:

  • CIPP Gold Standard accredited payroll service
  • Award winning payroll software
  • Every customer has a dedicated single point of contact, with a personal email address and phone number, no generic emails or phone lines to ensure a personalised service.
  • Industry beating error rate of 0.25%
  • We service a huge number of clients within the payroll service, and they also have links to pay and reward and HR to deliver services ahead of the curve
  • Phones answered within 60 seconds and emails responded to within 24 hours.

About The Service

NYES payroll provision is a CIPP gold standard service that has been established since 1975 providing a fully managed payroll service, which covers the whole employee lifecycle.  They administer all aspects of payroll including third party payments and completion of pension administration and statutory returns for more than 40,000 employees and pensioners. 

The team ensure they are always up to date with latest legislation and are highly skilled in order to deliver the exceptional service that they pride themselves on. This knowledge is then passed on to customers to ensure they are educated on the latest payroll regulations and provide the support that their staff need.

If you would like to know more then please get in touch with Luke or Lucy on 01609 533222, NYESsales@northyorks.gov.uk or nyes.info

NYES Human Resources Training

Interactive webinars 2023

To provide value for money training, we deliver scheduled webinars, some of which are also available as a pre-recorded on-demand webinar to watch at a time to suit you.

Prices range from £25-£50 per webinar

Book your place through https://www.nyestraining.co.uk/

Appraisal for support staff – on 01/02/23, 07/02/23, 02/03/23 (also available on demand)
Engage staff so they are prepared to discuss their performance and progress against targets and review good practice.

Challenging Conversations – on 28/02/23
Reflect upon what gets in the way of holding difficult conversations. Prepare for structured conversation to engage individuals, develop accountability, and focus on positive outcomes.

Single Central Record Guidance – (available on demand)
Join this pre-recorded webinar at a time to suit you to develop your knowledge of the statutory Single Central Record (SCR) requirements and gain confidence in managing your SCR.

Resolving Issues at work – on 02/02/23
Unresolved conflict causes stress for individuals and may have a negative impact on morale. Deliver proactive and constructive interventions that address conflict at the earliest opportunity.

Governor Panels: Staff Hearing and Appeals – on 21/03/23 (also available on demand)
Gain insight into the hearing and appeals process, including a live demonstration of questioning a witness in a hearing. Develop your confidence to be a panel member.

Managing performance and capability – on 31/01/23
Review the principles and policies that support good performance and managing capability issues. Deliver a fair and robust approach to managing under performance.

HR Toolkit for Senior Leaders – on 09/03/23
Understand the rights and obligations under the contract of employment, including how to vary or end contractual arrangements.

Managing attendance and other HR related issues – on 08/02/23
Manage staff absence in a timely and effective way. We will also address a range of frequently asked questions to support you in the day-to-day management of staff.

Contact Susan McGinn (HR Business Partner) to discuss training tailored to your school   susan.mcginn@northyorks.gov.uk

For general enquiries contact:


01609 533222

8 Top Legal Considerations for Schools

We all know how important it is for school leaders and staff to be aware of their legal obligations in order to ensure that they are complying with the law and protecting the rights of students and staff. But with so much to consider it’s hard to know where to start and easy for bits to get missed, which is why we’ve compiled a list of 8 of the most important legal considerations for schools to help.

Safeguarding children online
Without a doubt, one of the biggest responsibilities a school has is to keep their children safe whilst in their setting which now extends beyond the playground and into the digital world. A new version of Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) came into force in September 2022 which includes updated guidance you may have missed on online safety:

“Governing bodies and proprietors should regularly review the effectiveness of school filters and monitoring systems”. 

NYES Digital are on hand with a huge selection of safety solutions for your school to address this need, including Smoothwall which encompasses filtering, firewall and monitoring and aims to protect students at every touch point and provide the Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) with access to reporting and monitoring information.
As cyber security becomes an ever-increasing threat, NYES Digital can support the digital element of your safeguarding plan including secure broadband connections, antivirus software, remote back-ups, website security packages as well as cyber security training for staff. Get in touch here.

Ensure information published on your website meets regulations
The government is quite clear about what schools must publish online to comply with the School Information (England) Regulations. As well as contact information, admission information and a copy of the latest Ofsted report, the regulation requires schools to have their policies and procedures easily accessible.  But did you know that the legislation was recently updated to include a requirement to publish additional information about your uniform policy and full details of your opening hours?

If you are not sure if your website meets all the new requirements, NYES Digital offers a website verifying service.  We can perform a variety of checks and make recommendations on how to improve your website. Should you need support, NYES Digital can consult with you on how to reach compliance as well as auditing your current systems and offering advice on which areas might need development and offer possible solutions. Contact the NYES Digital team via email nyes.digital@northyorks.gov.uk or call 01609 536086.

Social media bullying
Staying rooted in the digital world, schools are sadly becoming more and more familiar with social media platforms being used to post critical or offensive remarks which can cause harm or upset to others in your school communities. School leasers and staff can feel helpless when your school is involved.
NYES Legal can offer practical advice about actions that can be taken to try and remove unreasonable comments posted on social media and explain the extent of a school’s duty of care and situations when they should try to intervene or those where they may not need to do so.
Find out more about NYES Legal here, and get in touch by emailing schoolslegaladvice@northyorks.gov.uk or call 01609 532347

Parental disputes
Sadly, there are a number of occasions where disputes may occur off-line too. Parents of students attending your school may not fully agree with decisions about the student’s schooling or upbringing. It is quite easy for school staff to be drawn into these disputes between parents, and a common mistake is school’s believing they need to act as a decision maker in situations where either the parents need to reach an agreement or use the courts to resolve their dispute.
Our Legal team are on hand to offer sound advice to your school to help deal with these difficult situations and on what decisions they must make for a pupil in the school and, just as importantly, decisions for which they are not responsible.
In the unfortunate event that urgent advice is needed, our NYES Legal helpline is manned during all traded hours by a lawyer who can immediately offer support.

DBS checks
Did you know that a school is breaking the law if they submit an application for a Standard, Enhanced, or Enhanced with Barred List(s) DBS check if the applicants job role for is not eligible for that level of check?

Eligibility guidance and an online tool can be found here.

Schools should first consult the latest guidance contained in Keeping children safe in education 2022 on safeguarding children and safer recruitment, which gives further guidance and advice on DBS checks for staff/volunteers.

However our DBS Support Service are experts are on hand ensuring all your DBS checks are completed correctly to safeguard everyone in your school. Below are some common mistakes dealt with by our NYES DBS Support Service:

  • DBS Checks submitted with an incorrect level of check, i.e. a check for an individual stating that they will be working with Vulnerable Adults and Children, requesting both and adult and child barred list check to be carried out where the applicant will be only working with Vulnerable children
  • DBS checks submitted for School Governors, requesting a Child barred list check.  In doing this schools are indicating that the School Governor will be involved in “Regulated Activity” with children. Due to the changes to the definition of the regulated activity, supervised volunteers are no longer eligible to be checked against the barred list.

This applies to School Governors who are no longer classed as in a regulated activity with children.
If you feel your school would benefit from some guidance, get in touch on 01609 532190 or email employmentsupportservice@northyorks.gov.uk.
Data protection (GDPR)
By now we should all be familiar with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is centred around the collecting, storing and disposal of private personal data.  Schools must ensure that they handle data whilst abiding by the GDPR code of practice, plus all staff must complete and pass regular mandatory training to certify their compliance to follow the legislation and their understanding of the main risks. Furthermore, make sure your school has your GDPR statements available to read on your website, like this example here from ParentPay. Make
sure your school provides the appropriate transparency information to pupils, parents and staff- this means being clear about what personal information you process, why you process it and what you do with it. Any privacy notices on your website should be clear, concise and written in plain language. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) provide helpful information in relation to privacy notices here.

Did you know that GDPR also requires that all public authorities, including schools, appoint a data protection officer (DPO)? Your DPO must act independently and with objectivity and is there to:

  • Inform and advise on data protection requirements
  • Support you to monitor internal compliance
  • Assist you with Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)
  • Demonstrate accountability
  • Act as a single point of contact with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) 

Ensuring your school is compliant with UK GDPR allows you to build and maintain trust with your pupils and parents and may help you mitigate any enforcement action by the ICO.

Our partners Veritau have a large team of data protection experts who are all professionally qualified or currently training. They specialise in working with schools and other education bodies, local authorities, and the wider public sector. Their team have over 20 years of experience in supporting schools and offer a range of packages to ensure your DPO requirements are met.

Reviewing Your Contracts
Schools can often assume a contract will meet their needs and is exactly right for their school, but it is important to have contracts reviewed before signing them.

Recently, a school got in touch with the NYES Legal team regarding a hire contract for some school equipment which the school believed was for a term of four years. However, a contract review revealed that the school would need to submit four years formal notice as they had entered into a rolling contract.

When reviewing contracts, the NYES Legal team are particularly vigilant to look for any clauses which may be detrimental to your school as customer and ensure you are fully advised on these.

There are several prominent legal considerations schools must take into account when looking at HR practices. A key consideration which is often overlooked is ensuring that your Single Central Record is up to date, well maintained and complies with Ofsted requirements.

The SCR is a key document that is examined by an Ofsted inspector early in the inspection process and if it is not satisfactory your inspector can refuse to complete your schools inspection.

NYES Human Resources have a team of experts who specifically work on checking SCR’s ready for your Ofsted inspection. Our SCR checks consists of a site visit by a trained member of the team who will undertake a minimum 10% sample check that is varied as far as possible to contain different staff/volunteer groups either directly employed or engaged by school via third party employers. They will discuss and explain the statutory requirements for SCR’s and more generally the wider safer recruitment checks that schools must undertake. To find out more take a look here.

Ensuring your school runs smoothly day-to-day is a huge undertaking in itself, and we know that meeting your legal obligations too can be daunting. We hope these tips give you some areas to consider and act as a helpful reminder as we enter into 2023. We are of course always on hand to help with any queries no matter the scale and our team will do everything they can to provide you with the support you need. Get in touch by emailing nyes@northyorks.gov.uk or call 01609 533222 to chat to us.

Single Central Record Check

                     We're here to support your admin team

We know you play an extremely important role in supporting your school and it's rare you have a minute to spare. From dealing with parents to managing finances and ensuring all your legal requirements are met; additional tasks can feel like a burden - especially if they are outside of your day-to-day role.

Maintaining your school's Single Central Record (SCR) is a huge undertaking, and with the added pressure of it being a key part of your Ofsted inspection we know it can feel like a daunting task.

NYES Human Resources are here to ease that worry and pressure. Our specialist team will assist you in ensuring your Single Central Record meets statutory requirements and your school is always inspection ready.

Step 1 - Training

To help you gain an initial understanding of how important your SCR check is, why not start with our on-demand webinar that can be taken at a time to suit you and learn:

  • The statutory SCR requirements
  • Dispel any misunderstandings about the SCR
  •  An in-depth look at certain groups who have historically caused SCR confusion.

                         Click here to book now for just £30!

Step 2 - Support

Our experienced staff in the NYES Human Resources team can assess your SCR and based on a sample check of personnel files, provide you with the assurance that your SCR meets the statutory requirements.

Our expert SCR support costs just £299 and could be an invaluable tool in ensuring your next Ofsted inspection goes ahead without a hitch.

This includes a site visit by a trained member of the NYES HR team and will include:

  • ?An assessment of the school's SCR against the statutory checks.
  • Sample checking the supporting evidence personnel/employee files. Your advisor will also undertake a varied sample check to contain different staff/volunteer groups either directly employed or engaged by school via third party employers.
  • Your advisor will discuss and explain the statutory requirements for SCR's and more generally the wider safer recruitment checks that schools must undertake.
  • Feedback is provided to schools during the visit and then a written report is compiled, outlining recommendations and this is shared with the school.
  • Recommendations will be provided as well as the assurance that the SCR meets the statutory requirements.

Find Out More

Want to know more? The resource page below provides detailed information about how we can support you to ensure your Single Central record is up to date and suitable for inspection. Click below to find out more.

Resource Page - NYES Human Resources Single Central Record Check

Why not share this page with your Headteacher or School Business Manager to demonstrate how our SCR support could benefit you and your school?

For more information or to arrange your CR Check support please get in touch -
Email: NYESHR@northyorks.gov.uk
Telephone: 01609 798343

Or you can contact our Central Team -
Email: NYESsales@northyorks.gov.uk
Telephone: 01609 533222




Ad Astra Academy Trust

The service provided by the NYES Health and Safety team has been excellent. The support and advice gives us the confidence we are compliant with health and safety regulations and our pupils and staff are working in a safe location.

Kingsley Primary School

Veritau are always helpful when we have questions regarding GDPR and are very responsive. The online training modules and templates have been very helpful and informative for staff as has the regular newsletters we receive. We would highly recommend Veritau for any of your GDPR requirements and support.

NYES Energy & Sustainability - Power Down Pete

Pete’s enthusiasm and mixture of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic hands on learning meant that all the children loved his presentation at all levels in the school. They absolutely loved it, they are inspired, and have retained a lot of the information.


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