National College of Education

Our Mission is to engage, empower,
and inspire a new generation of
leaders who will transform the way
that schools are managed and led,
promoting service to their communities
and enhancing life chances for all.

Our Vision is to be the home of
educational leadership development.
To achieve this, we have created
a platform infrastructure of
collaborative partnership networks
and leadership development across
all levels in schools that support the
delivery of world-class empirically
driven programmes, facilitated by
exceptionally talented people.

We are driven by our values of
innovation, collaboration, and
excellence; to disrupt and continuously
improve the system by unlocking
millions of pounds of funding to develop
school leaders, promote diversity of
thought and challenge the meritocracy
of ideas and thinking in the relentless
pursuit of excellence for you.

The NCE has a portfolio of leadership
development opportunities to
support colleagues in schools - from
Teaching Assistants to CEOs, we
have a programme to suit all levels
across all phases, Early Years,
Primary, Secondary and Special.

We are the largest provider of
school leadership apprenticeship
programmes in the country at a time
when education and our communities
need leadership and clarity the most.
All learners work within a cohort of
like-minded colleagues, investing in
their professional learning journey,
accessing world-class knowledge and
input from education and business
sectors. Whatever their motivation for
starting the programme, we promise
to stretch and challenge learners’
thinking every step of the way.

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Fully-funded Level 7 Apprenticeship with MSc. in Ed. Leadership and Management

Picture yourself studying at Level 7 to fulfil your career aspirations!

The Apprenticeship Levy affords leaders in schools, academies and colleges the opportumity to undertake the NCE's Level 7 Senior Leader Apprenticeship with MSc. in Educational Leadership and Management

The programme is apply now for our Jan 2022 cohort

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Deadline for applications 12th November 2021


A letter to the NCE Director, Nick Heard

Dear Nick,
I wonder if you aware of some news. In between the lectures for module 4 and the submission of the dissertation proposal, I have been successful insecuring a new role, principal designate of a new 11-18 school in the centre of Birmingham to cater for children around the city keen on learning through digital technologies.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you here how incredibly practical and insightful the content of module 4 has been. I had a Zoom meeting today with some good folk from a local commercial radio station about promoting the school, establishing a brand, sound and distinctive slogan. And I was doing this my notes for module 4 on exactly this from the amazing Dr Boatswain there in-front of me, complete with post-it notes, scribbles and the like (finishing Essay 4 in good time of course).
It was a case of theory and action taking place within seconds of eachother!

Starting a school from scratch, with no staff, no building, and no children alongside a complex set of stakeholders (DfE, a trust, a local authority, local schools) is quite a daunting prospect. Not least the task of recruiting atalented diverse workforce from scratch! Nick, I cannot begin to explain how the content for each of the modules has played a significant part inpreparation for the appointment.

Paul Averis
Deputy Headteacher
John Willmott School

NCE Level 7 Apprentice Reflection on his Learning

"The programme’s been great...there's lots of great speakers and the support from my tutor has been phenomenal!"

Anthony is an apprenticeship on the NCE L7 Senior Leader (with MSc.) in the vidoe link below he reflects on his amazing learning experience...

Anthony Blake Reflections 


...can you imagine yourself doing a Level 7 Masters Porgramme? 

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