Move & Learn (CIC)

Wellbeing and Education are not mutually exclusive.

What if we could:

  • show evidence from research and practice that using movement in the learning process improves wellbeing AND academic outcomes for children?
  • outline purposeful and manageable ways to support you (the practitioner) in integrating movement into your lessons?
  • bring the joy of teaching and learning back, and create a culture of collaboration, curiosity and creativity for all involved?

It’s time to move your thinking on…it’s time to Move & Learn!

Our mission - to empower school communities to use movement based approaches to learning

We are:

  • Pioneers of incorporating movement purposefully into learning - both indoors and outdoors with links to current research projects in this field.
  • Experts in the field - our vision, passion, experience and networks (in both research and practice) will effectively support you in improving wellbeing and education outcomes.
  • Collaborative - co-design and partnership working is key to our ethos.  Our belief in “faster alone, further together” is reflected in the way we work - and play - with schools. Developing long term relationships genuinely changes physical activity behaviours one step at a time.

We want school leaders, teachers, children and their families to:

  • (Re)discover the joy of learning (both indoors and outdoors) - seeking opportunities to make learning, play and movement irresistible.
  • Realise and harness the long-lasting benefits of movement as part of learning - and play - on physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as educational outcomes.

Notable projects:

  • Collaborative pilots with range of Yorkshire schools to establish our CPD model.

  • CPD programme development for trainee and qualified teachers (currently working with schools in Yorkshire and Bradford Initial Teacher Training).

  • Collaborative Active Outdoor Learning project with 13 Bradford schools involved in JU:MP (Sport England’s Bradford Local Delivery Pilot).

  • Co-developed a Physical Activity toolkit for Madrassa schools in Bradford.

  • Conferences (e.g. World Education Summit, Optimus, and AFPE Conferences) and training, supporting Active Partnerships and Initial Teacher Training providers.

  • Provider of content for BBC remote learning.

  • Contribution to the development of the Creating Active Schools framework (July 2019 at Leeds Beckett University).

  • Involvement in ActivatEU - an Erasmus+ research project that will provide specialist free online PAL training for trainees and teachers.

  • Outreach via Tagtiv8 to 400+ schools (and more recently to Living Well Schools Reducing Inequalities in the City project in Bradford).

Why should we Move & Learn? Watch this TEDx Talk.


'Continuous' is the key word here, as far too often we have seen 'CPD' delivered as a one off, and as a result teachers and schools have struggled to implement and/or embed strategies.  

That is why we have used the Education Endowment Fund guidance on effective professional development to shape and adapt our current offer.

We work with schools and initial teacher training providers over a period of time (usually at least one academic year) to support you in developing:

  • Culture and ethos - working with you to ensure all stakeholders know why, how and what Move & Learn is, using the latest evidence based research and practice to support this. 

  • Approaches - providing you with strategies that link to your school’s pedagogy (progressive or traditional!) and that can be integrated (not added) to parts of the learning process to ensure your lessons are still purposeful and meaningful. This is then followed up by ongoing collaborative planning and coaching support to ensure teachers involved are effectively embedding these over time in small steps.

  • Environments - within the confines of your budget, helping you adapt both indoor and outdoor environments to enhance the spaces and places that learning can happen in.

  • Resources - helping you, where possible, develop low cost/no cost resources to support the implementation of Move&Learn approaches, whilst also signposting you to partners (such as Tagtiv8 and Now Press Play) that provide bespoke resources to reduce sedentary time and increase movement.

Our book - “How to Move & Learn - an evidence based guide to embedding physically active learning in your school” supports our CPD programmes.


Latest Offers

New Book - Released June 2022

A practical guidebook that provides primary school teachers and leaders with the know-how and confidence to embed more  movement-based approaches in their teaching and learning.

We already know that increased physical activity and a reduction  in the sedentary time spent sitting at desks have wide-ranging  benefits (including to brain function), so what if there were also  evidence that using movement in the learning process improves  outcomes for children? What if we could then map out ways to  support teachers in adapting their practice to make this a reality?  

In How to Move & Learn Bryn Llewellyn, Ian Holmes and Richard  Allman do just that – sharing the latest research from around the  world and providing teachers with the means and motivation to  identify opportunities to integrate movement purposefully into  the teaching and learning process.  

The links between health and education are paramount, and this  book explores these connections and presents a wealth of ideas,  activities and resources to help teachers unlock the potential  of the school and outdoor environments for learning across all  curriculum subjects.  

Suitable for all primary school teachers and leaders. 

To find out more, visit Crown House Publishing.


Birth to 19 SCITT

We are currently working with Birth to 19 SCITT in Bradford.

You can view their padlet on moving & lerning here.

Ongoing Feedback

"The strategies discussed have enabled me to enrich my practice. I feel I have a bank of strategies which will not only provide learners with engaging activities, but also learning which is inclusive for all learners."

"An amazing session, my favourite of the training so far. Interactive, and very research led which is the most convincing and realistic part about all of this. Really great to see the guys delivering the training again and being so passionate about this primarily whilst delivering such great, easy initiatives. Whilst my confidence is growing with my training I am finding these initiatives so much more appealing and easy to address and employ within my teaching that I have come away from both of these sessions with motivations to conduct a lot of these strategies and see their effectiveness!"

"This session has actually left me really interested to do some further research into this, go back to the training slides and delve into some of the research sources that have been used by the Move and Learn team."