Milk Education

Who are Milk Education?

Milk Education are a purpose-driven, eco-friendly, education supply agency… We want to bring a FRESH approach to the education sector.

We are community-focused, with a mission to be the MOST REWARDING agency to work both with and for.

Here at Milk Education we understand the crucial role that supply teachers and support staff play in ensuring pupils at all levels receive the inspiration, support and education they need to excel.

Our Make Life Kind Charity

Not only do we provide inspirational supply staff, but we aim to help schools fight stigmas and talk about topics that matter in education.

Powered by Milk Education, Make Life Kind Charity is making a true difference in the community with our inspirational school speakers AKA Milkfluencers. 

Our mission is to drive wellness, diversity and safety education and awareness into schools across the UK, but more importantly… give young people incredible real role models and help educators support students in the best way possible.

Topics we cover: mental health, wellbeing, knife crime, online safety, bullying, identity, and more.

Making Life Kind!