Llama ID

Are you using multiple providers and manual processes to meet your safe recruitment obligations? Are your new applicants drowning in emails and links from different companies to provide background checks? Llama ID is here to do all the work for you, reducing time, cost, and risk. All this while also ensuring your schools and staff are following a consistent, audited process.

With Llama ID you can

  • Streamline your recruitment compliance process
  • Digitise your candidate ID checks
  • Stop 'Googling' and perform legitimate online checks
  • Reduce costs of DBS services
  • Automate your teaching background checks
  • Automate job reference collection
  • And much more... all in one easy to use platform

Llama ID is compliant with the latest digital verification legislation, which mean you no longer need witness pjhysical ID documents, and Llama ID supports all relevant documents to ensure you stay compliant and will adapt to your policies or processes. You can build your own forms to capture pertinent applicant details, share policies and more.

Llama ID is part of The Edwin Group - a growing collective of like-minded education professionals, working together to positively impact the lives of young people. We’re building an experienced and proactive group of dedicated companies and inspirational practitioners, with key experience and skills and an unwavering commitment to educational improvement.

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Latest Offers

Pay no license fee until April 2024

Take your safer recruitment compliance to a new level. Join as one of our pilot MATs and benefit from a unique opportunity to steer the development of the platform, access unique automated checks only available through Llama ID such as TRN validation, Section 128, Online Media and more, while also paying no license fee until the start of the 2024 summer term.

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