LCP is an established provider of pupil tracking systems and teaching resources that help Schools and their pupils to achieve the results they strive for.

Our approach is simple – develop simple, easy to use, digital tracking systems that offer flexibility and adaptability in saving time and making your life easier. Our Schools regularly tell us that these are the key benefits that separate our system from others.

We know that you crave data to demonstrate pupil performance and progression, so why not make life easier by using iTRACK and iASEND for your SEND pupils?

If your challenge is chart auditable progression from Early Years (EYFS) to Key Stage (KS) 3, then our solutions deliver at all levels. Versatile reporting enables Teachers, School Managers and Governors to evaluate performance and to communicate progress with parents and governing bodies.

iTRACK generates both peace of mind and confidence in your data. We know because 90% of Schools using iTRACK achieve either ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ assessments from Ofsted.

Unlike other digital solution providers, we also offer our comprehensive range of teaching resources to support teachers from EYFS to KS2. Whether planning for lessons, setting homework or simply engaging your class, our resources help to save time, improve quality and achieve greater learning transfer and retention.

Written by teachers, for teachers, our resources range from Phonics Planning to online CAT testing, all available from our online “one stop shop’.