InVentry Ltd

InVentry are the market leaders for visitor, staff and pupil management solutions; trusted by over 7,000 schools across the UK. The system fully integrates with most of the top MIS’ – including SIMS, iSAMs and Bromcom with full read and write back integration. This means that any early leavers or late arriving pupils are recorded in your MIS, straight from your InVentry system.


ClassMark is our Classroom Registration product built for schools. ClassMark is accessible from any device, including iPad and interactive classroom displays. The system has been designed to be as user friendly as possible, to the extent that many of our infant schools use the system to involve their pupils in the registration process! When shown on the interactive display in the classroom, children are able to walk up and select their own photographs before a member of staff authorises the marks to be sent back to SIMS.


Our Audit & Compliance software is another great part of InVentry. This allows schools to keep track of assets by placing a barcode on your chosen item, scanning it on the Audit & Compliance app ensuring that you know where laptops, phones and even coffee machines are – at any given time!


During the COVID-19 pandemic, InVentry developed many new features to help schools reopen and ensure that their staff and visitors were healthy enough to be on-site. These features include Health Declarations which allows schools to send their staff and visitors a declaration each day asking them to confirm they are not displaying symptoms of COVID-19.


Our Capacity Management feature also allows schools to ensure their capacity levels aren’t breached. The system will also send a notification when capacity levels are back at acceptable levels. Host Ready Notifications are another great tool in the fight against COVID-19, as this feature allows visitors to notify their host of their arrival through the click of an email button. The host is then able to authorise them into the building, when it safe for them to enter.


Another great feature recently released is Access Invitations, these allow pre-booked visitors to open your car park barriers and entrance doors from their invitations, allowing for full contactless entry. InVentry also gives you the ability to see who is on site at any given time, allowing for a full Track and Trace to take place.


June Riley, Bursar – Newstead Wood School

“We wanted to improve our visitor management system and combine that with staff ID badges for signing in and out. The ability to link with SIMS has meant that the InVentry system has exceeded our expectations and we receive many complimentary comments from visitors.” June Riley, Bursar – Newstead Wood School

Mrs Boniface, Receptionist – Bishop David Brown School

“I am so happy with the InVentry visitor management system. To have such a clean, paper free, reception looks so professional. Many visitors from other schools have commented on how flash and modern we are. Who doesn’t love to hear that? Our students love using it too!” Mrs Boniface, Receptionist – Bishop David Brown School