Giglets Education

Giglets is an online literacy resource used by thousands of teachers and pupils. Giglets allows you to share texts and activities that your pupils will love to work on whether they are in school or at home.

Giglets includes an accessible and ever-expanding library of colourful and enjoyable texts in over 37 languages. Pupils are engaged before they have even begun to read, drawn in by enhanced texts that include: audio support, illustrations, animations and theme music.

Each pupil's reading and learning experience is supported by interactive tasks and questions focussed on reading comprehension and higher-order thinking. The rich selection of texts encourages independence and improves pupils' motivation to read.

Try Giglets and support your pupils as they learn to love to read.

Latest Offers

SNE Exclusive Discount!

Giglets has a pricing structure that is determined by pupil roll. This allows schools of all sizes to get real value for money when purchasing a literacy resource. 

As part of our partnership with Schools North East, we have agreed an exclsuive discount of up to 20% off licences purchased through SNE.

This discount also applies to our Twilight Training Session, usually charged at a cost of £350 +VAT. You will recieve your training at a cost of £280 +VAT.


Using Giglets to Support EAL Learners

"Two favourite features - the stories in foreign languages are fabulous. They provide inclusion and a lovely link to home which other resources do not provide. Secondly, what a clever addition the music is. It gives a such a rich talking point before the children even see the book; providing clues as to the theme of the book. Well done, Giglets!"

Using Giglets to support pupils of all ages and stages

"Giglets is an amazing tool for all ages and all abilities. It ensures inclusivity for all as it provides a chance to change backgrounds and edit fonts. The resources are also second to none and can be used not only for literacy but across the curriculum."