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Enrich Education’s mission is to have a positive impact on young people’s health and well-being by providing services and products that promote creative, physically active learning experiences in schools. We are the UK’s largest provider of bespoke school orienteering courses with cross-curricular outdoor learning, training, and resources via our ‘School Orienteering and Outdoor Learning Hub’. Enrich is the official School Orienteering Partner of The International Orienteering Federation and the only education partner of QuidditchUK, providing events, training, and equipment for Quidditch, as a new and engaging sport for schools. Enrich Education’s reputation and standing are recognised nationally - Enrich is a Youth Sport Trust ‘Changemaker Business’, an Association for Physical Education Business Associate, and a 1st4Sport-endorsed training provider.

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Great resources

Great resources. Really good training! Supports cross-curricular learning but specifically being able to develop independence, teamwork, and knowledge of map and compass work.

Exceptional Quidditch Day!

We would like to say a huge thank you to both Dom and Tom for their fantastic delivery of our KS2 Quidditch day yesterday. The coaches were absolutely wonderful with the children and had them all engaged in the learning from the very start of the day. The staff who took part with their classes have all been extremely complementary about the coaches and have all said what an amazing day it was. The children all got so much from the day and it has been one of the best enrichment days we have experienced in school by far!!