Emile is a small team of games-designers, academics and teachers in Bolton who make effective and engaging apps. 

Our main app Emile is used in 4,000 schools in the UK. 

Spelling with Emile has been shown to deliver real tangible improvements in spelling across the school. Students love th characters, battling each other to win, looking after their tamagotchi and the real games. While all their answers are collated and presented to teachers using a simple RAG scheme so that teachers can see in an instance their classes' strengths and weaknesses.  

Times Tables with Emile has been shown to improve times table recall by 25% in under 3 months by the University of Manchester. All our maths resources use as many pictoral representations as possible including bar charts, number frames and place value grids.

Phonics with Emile is new and is being rolled out across the country. Use alongside any scheme of work including Letters & Sounds and Read Write Inc, Emile makes recalling phonemes and make graphene-phoneme correspondence fun and engaging. 

Latest Offers

Full Access for a Term for Free

We offer member schools a terms full free access to Emile. 

This includes Spellings, Phonics, Grammar, Times Tables and covers the whole of KS1 & KS2. Emile works alongside all Schemes of Work and engages students.

Perfect for homework, bell activities, reward time, etc, Emile builds up a detailed image of your students' abilities and knowledge and shares this with teachers in a simple RAG format.  

Emile works on mobiles, Windows, tablets, iPads, even Windows XP!

Let your students play games, battle each other, look after their tamagotchi, play real games, meet crazy characters, while you see them progress,.