Edurio is a trusted provider of stakeholder surveys for school and trust leaders to take better care of their staff, pupils and parents.

As England’s leading provider of staff, pupil, and parent feedback surveys for schools and multi-academy trusts, we work with over 150 trusts and 2,000 schools across England and internationally. 

Edurio’s platform and nationwide dataset allow trust and school leaders to benchmark their performance against national averages on topics like staff wellbeing, parental engagement, pupil wellbeing and others. 

By measuring the often difficult-to-track elements of education quality, Edurio can help school leaders make informed decisions, develop engaging relationships with staff and communicate their values to their community.

Featuring surveys designed in partnership with academic experts, Edurio has developed an advanced survey management and data visualisation platform for schools and school trusts to easily access these important insights.

By using Edurio to centrally manage your stakeholder feedback across the trust, you can:

  • Provide an understanding of where your resources and support are needed

  • Find areas of good practice and celebrate strengths

  • Identify areas for professional learning and growth opportunities

  • Strengthen relationships between school leadership and the staff and parent community

  • Improve staff wellbeing and student achievement

  • Reduce effort to analyse data and ensure high response rates due to the use of a trusted external partner

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Edurio publishes research, case studies and practical guidance on evidence-driven school improvement. 

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Valuable nationally benchmarked questions

Edurio helped us capture the culture of our trust in a way no other tool was able to. Their nationally benchmarked questions are really valuable to us. 

Retaining staff

In terms of the financial value of Edurio, I think it’s a no brainer. If one survey’s data gives you enough information to change something, which enables even just one staff member to stay, Edurio’s service pays for itself.