Education Improvement Service, Stockton Borough Council

The purpose of the Education Improvement Service (Children’s Services) is to ensure that schools and settings are well placed to secure the very best outcomes for the children and young people across the North East and to carry out the statutory duties pertaining to educational provision. To achieve this, the service monitors the outcomes of schools and settings to inform a targeted approach to intervention and support to ensure that no child is left behind. The Local Authority retains many statutory duties from the Education Act 2011.

As a partner in delivering sector-led whole system school improvement,
the Education Improvement Service is committed to seeking sustainable solutions and to providing high quality school improvement support and services to schools and settings. This support covers school
leadership, early years providers, teaching and learning, behaviour and attendance, safeguarding, Special Educational Needs practice, early years and all aspects of curriculum 0-19. It also includes support
and challenge to schools with vulnerable learners including asylum seekers, refugees, pupils from a Traveller heritage, pupils with minority ethnic heritage and those with English as an Additional Language (EAL).