Making it Simple!

Data2Action are Data Strategy, Analysis and Protection specialists for schools and Trusts in the UK.  We believe that as a MAT and School leader you should expect the right insight, at the right time to enable you to make the right decisions. We think it makes sense to have all your data reporting and insight in one place, and that it should be managed by people who are specialists in data and understand schools and their data needs.

Our dedicated Data and Insight team work in partnership with Trusts and schools unravelling the data contained within the various MIS solutions (even when different ones are used across schools within your Trust) and by using the very latest data insight and analytics platforms, we can create:

1. Tailored, centralised reports and dashboards which will give you both a Trust wide and school view on performance.

2. Agile reporting solutions aimed at meeting your immediate and emerging needs. New data tools and systems such as staff and pupil surveys so you can gather up to date qualitative and quantitative feedback on your critical performance metrics and strategic goals.

3. Improved strategies and data literacy across all roles so you can harness the full potential of your data.

In addition, as Data Protection Officer for a number of schools and Trusts we also take a hands on approach to help you comply with the legislation.

Let Data2Action help you supercharge your performance.   

Start Realising your Data Potential Today!

Have a question about any of our Data Strategy, Analytics or Protection services? Get in touch with either Sarah or Jason and find out how we can help you make data easy.