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Outsource all of your childcare bookings, payments and financial admin - for free

Here at Childcare Bookings, we are proud to help schools generate the maximum possible revenue from their childcare, whilst ensuring they minimise their costs. We do this through a combination of industry leading software and professional, outsourced administration.

We take care of all of the associated bookings, payments, reconciliations and admin for your childcare.  Whilst doing this, our service generates (on average) an additional 20% income, even for schools with busy childcare clubs.  It’s from this increase that we take our fee, meaning that our service is not only free, but completely removes all the associated admin from your office team.

Increased income, completely removed admin – what’s not to like?


How we raise a school's income

"Within two months of working with the team at Childcare Bookings, our revenue had increased by 48% when compared with the same month last year. Childcare Bookings’ fee was just a fraction of that, and I had removed the vast majority of the admin associated with our breakfast and afterschool club. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Schools are more than welcome to contact me for a reference”

Clare Danks

School Business Manager, Staynor Hall Primary Academy

Making life easier...

"Across the board, everyone is so grateful for Childcare Bookings for Schools.  From the parents using the service, to the staff running the club, to the office staff:  Everyone is so grateful that we have now got this service in place. It makes life easier for everybody, and at what we consider to be a very reasonable cost."