Changing Relations C.I.C.

Changing Relations C.I.C. delivers education to schools, businesses and communities, using the arts to transform the way people think about gender stereotypes and relationship behaviours. Our innovative work breaks down gender barriers, fosters healthy relationships and transforms lives. We work with artists, communities and experts to produce powerful content in a range of art forms to engage audiences and participants, from film, music, theatre and dance to creative writing and visual arts. We address topical and sensitive subjects in an accessible way, giving a voice to those who have been affected, and generating public and professional understanding around:

  • domestic abuse
  • consent
  • gender stereotypes, including "toxic masculinity"
  • sexting risks
  • healthy relationships

We can offer schools:

  • creative accessible resources and schemes of work
  • CPD
  • bookable workshops / carousel days


Webinar: the employer's role in supporting those affected by domestic abuse

I found the Changing Relations webinar focussing on supporting staff through domestic abuse to be really informative and engaging. It was really useful to hear real life experiences and consider how as a line manager and an organisation we could identify and support members of staff who may be experiencing such issues at home. I think anyone who works in HR or who has line management responsibilities should attend one of these to help provide you with the knowledge and expertise should you ever encounter anything similar in your workplace. I feel much more confident about undertaking such support with a member of staff should I need to - thank you.


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