BlueSky Education

BlueSky Education is the award-winning continuous professional growth platform designed to support your school with appraisal and school improvement, putting professional learning at the heart of the process.

BlueSky technology will adapt to support the culture of your school by providing an agile framework for individual staff and powerful intelligence for leaders.

The only solution endorsed by ASCL (Association of School and College Leaders) and CST (confederation of School Trusts) to integrate performance management, professional learning, observations, self-evaluation and improvement planning.

Our user-friendly solution encourages ownership and engagement by providing all staff members (teaching, support and non-academic staff) with a portable career portfolio.

BlueSky is flexible, adapting to current and desired practices within schools and provides powerful insights into the heart of your organisation.

The Partnership level provides global cross-school reporting and opportunities for collaboration within a MAT, and we always ensure a cost-saving for schools purchasing as a Trust or Group.

BlueSky is recognised by the education sector for the impact and benefits it offers schools having won the Bett Award for Leadership and Management Solutions and the COBIS Supporting Member of the Year Award, and being a finalist in the Education Resources Awards in 2019.

The Bett judges said: “BlueSky provides a solution to the very real practical problem of tracking professional development and performance management. It recognises professional learning as the heart of school improvement. The system is flexible and also designed for efficiency, enabling schools to use it in a way which suits their processes and helping to reduce administrative burdens”.

We have been working with schools since 2001 across 38 countries.

Our recent blog looks at the shift that is happening in the appraisal practice in schools and how it offers an opportunity to rethink how we design staff development and align it ever more closely to school improvement.

Contact BlueSky today to find out how we can support your school processes.

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