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Our website and ready-to-use resources bring to life the incredible stories of game changers from history – ordinary people who used their character strengths to help them achieve extraordinary things. Our site has been carefully designed to support learning and development on a whole school basis, across the whole curriculum.

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Free trial for all schools

We offer all schools the opportunity to try before you buy. A free trial is encouraged which allows staff and students to explore the site and see the potential Amazing People Schools can bring. Whether your school is looking to embed character, explore ways to support wellbeing or bring diverse voices into the classroom - Amazing People Schools can help.


Knowledge rich and creative resources

Amazing Schools People is a truly wonderful organisation providing teachers and students with bespoke, knowledge rich and creative resources which bring to life character traits through inspirational story telling. The scope of stories is impressive with due attention paid to breadth of content and diversity. I wholeheartedly recommend Amazing Schools People as a character building resource.


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