Accredited supplier to the DfE recommended  CPC framework, we help to drive the best educational outcomes while facing funding pressure and growing class sizes is an ongoing challenge for schools and higher education.


Formerly United Carlton and based out of Gateshead, we work with educational establishments to build robust, cost-effective print infrastructures for the creation of high-quality printed learning materials. We’re also supporting their move to digital education, with displays, whiteboards, visitor management and more.


At Agilico we serve more than 14,000 customers who, like you, are on a mission to build organisations fully equipped for success in the face of rapid and continuous change.

Our shared goal is to maximise operational effectiveness and make work easier for people through the use of cutting-edge workplace technology. Our expertise and experience spans these key areas:


  • Managed PrintServices that give organisations a highly dependable, secure and cost-effective print capability for their teams.
  • Automated Invoice Processing - Automatically capture, extract, route and post invoices into your finance system, with Verify automated invoice processing.
  • Information Management & Process Automation - Systems that digitise documents, data and workflow, giving people easy access to the processes and information they need.
  • Telecoms and IT Services that keep employees, students and guardians connected and productive such as Visitor Management and Audio Visual solutions
  • Agile WorkingSolutions that allow staff and students to operate effectively and efficiently no matter where they are.


How we work

  1. Deliver service excellence. Always. - You can expect outstanding service in everything we do as we strive to earn your valued loyalty every day.
  2. Choose the best technology for the job - Our independence means we can work with you to select the best technology to meet your needs, without compromise.
  3. Hire the best and trust them - You’ll find our people to be friendly, helpful and experts at what they do. We trust our team completely and you can too.


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Latest Offers

National Education Framework

Trusted supplier to the national education multifunctional print devices and digital transformation solutions frameworks

The National Education Framework has been developed to provide an easy access route to buying or leasing multifunctional print devices (MFDs) as well as providing opportunities for accessing digital transformation services and solutions.

We are proud to be a trusted supplier to both lots on this new framework, helping to improve print technologies and implement digital transformation solutions to support the ever evolving needs of the education sector.



Education Toolkit

Driving the best educational outcomes while facing funding pressure and growing class sizes is an ongoing challenge for schools, as well as higher and further education.

Added to this are common operational issues of staff not knowing where to save documents and reports, problems with efficient document searching and retrieval, masses of folders in no central digital location, concerns around data compliance, making sure official communications are distributed to parents and SLTs effectively, inadequate print infrastructures for the creation of high-quality learning materials… the list goes on.

Meanwhile, the move to digital education, with interactive displays, whiteboards and visitor management systems, as well as digital workflow tools such as hybrid mail, digital mailrooms, cloud telephony and more, means that educational institutions are transforming they way they work – allowing them to deliver learning activities and communicate with staff, students and parents more effectively.

Education is evolving – and institutions must keep pace.


Telecoms for Schools

Is your institution struggling to keep communication lines flowing with parents and SLTs, safeguard students and staff, and build a customisable telephony platform?

We'd like to introduce you to Agilico Connect, a cutting edge, feature-rich digital telephony system that provides all the capability of an advanced on-premise phone system, without the complex and pricey infrastructure. It’s scalable, secure and built to deliver a superior user experience.



Jesmond Park Academy

I have worked in our Reprographics Dept for the last four years and we lease 6 photocopiers from Agilico (previously United Carlton). This brings me into regular contact with their service desk staff. Having worked for 44 years, most of which in major organisations, I would like to commend you on the training and choice of staff that you have working for you. They have been unfailingly friendly, helpful, efficient and above all a sense of humour. I am due to retire soon and I am most grateful for their help when things have gone awry (this also applies to your technical staff who attend). Please pass on my sincere thanks.

Hull College

Agilico didn’t just supply the photocopiers and printers, they helped us to drive the project. With their help, we cut print volumes, and increased efficiency.

Walbottle Academy

Agilico have provided us with a fantastic service. Our change of supplier was seamless, due to their expertise and patience. This seems to have been the right choice for us and there have been no technical issues.

East Riding of Yorkshire

Several hundred individual schools and offices which are equipped with cutting-edge multifunction devices which allow us to operate in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible



Case Studies