ADNS Group

Government approved supplier on the CCS Framework and based in the North East of England, with offices in Middlesbrough and Gateshead, the ADNS Group offers nationwide, world class Managed IT solutions with a sharp focus on providing secure, robust, responsive and efficient solutions supported by excellent customer service.

ADNS Group has over 10 years of experience providing managed IT services including working with MIS Systems such as SIMS and Scholar Pack. Services we provide include:

  • Managed IT Services
  • Managed Print Solutions
  • Audit & Consultancy
  • Policy and Compliance (including GDPR and Data Protection Officer)
  • Training (TalkSense)
  • Hosted Solutions (Back up and Storage, Disaster Recovery, Virtual Office)
  • Communications (VoIP & Hybrid Telecoms, Unified Communications, Video Conferencing and mobile)
  • Cyber Essentials Certification guidance

Our approach is both flexible and far-reaching to address the issues today’s modern ICT challenges offer including application, collaboration, infrastructure, network, mobile and IT security services. We provide IT, Communication, Network & Security solutions delivering flexible, fast and efficient systems which we engineer specifically for your school.

ADNS Group has also built our own connectivity package 

ClassNet is the latest private connectivity package, provided by the ADNS Group, that includes high speed reliable internet access with world class security, content filtering, online safeguarding, redundancy and ransom protection for servers built in as standard.

ClassNet will provide a private lease line connection to Schools which means no shared connections as opposed to public broadband services, all you do is choose your speed and we will provide;

  • Upload speeds as fast as your download speed (zero contention)
  •  Built in redundancy, our Security operations centres has two separate providers and if one goes down, the other will take over and vice versa.
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.95%, no more interruptions
  • Access to Safeguarding controls; Google SafeSearch, Youtube EDU, Web Filtering that utilises a live threat grid which constantly updates itself and more
  • A Security Operations Centre to monitor and provide alerts 24/7/365
  • Firewalls that are automatically updating constantly to block intrusions
  • Behavioural analysis to stop threats before they have a chance to impact your server data
  • The ability to quarantine your servers from suspicious activity before it can do harm to your network
  • High performance & world class security from Cisco including Advanced Malware Protection
  • Opt in to send suspicious and malicious activity to Police CyberAlarm
  • Option to access online training portfolio for Microsoft Office products and Cyber Security

ADNS Group, your external ICT department!

Latest Offers

12 months of free calls!

ADNS Group are offering 12 months of free calls on all new VoIP solutions installed with us.

If you are looking for a new telecomms solution, then we have a fantastic secure cloud based solution, for your school or Trust.

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