Case Study

Willingdon Community School Curriculum Wall Art

We designed school curriculum art for Willingdon Community School.

School curriculum art can show pupils why your curriculum matters. And it can inspire them to think beyond your school for their own future.

What will they do? Who will they be? Wall Art can inspire them to dream beyond today!

School curriculum art

“At Willingdon Community School, we aim to develop, in all our students, key values which we consider contribute to the achievement of what we refer to as, Personal Excellence.”. This inspiring statement takes pride of place on the school’s website.

And it’s their ethos and values that set the school apart from the rest. Their curriculum plays a big part in the school’s commitment to helping students develop and learn.

School subjects

A school curriculum wall is a wonderful way to showcase the array of subjects you offer. And it can give practical examples of how your curriculum can shape young minds for future careers.

We used striking images and lots of colour to bring the Wall Art designs to life. And we included quotes from relevant famous faces who serve as aspirational role models for students.

Beautiful Wall Art

We design our stunning Wall Art in-house in the UK. Our studios are based in London, but we work with schools all over the world.

And, our co-founder Lisa has over twenty years’ experience in education. As a teacher, she knows first-hand the impact of creating stimulating learning environments.

Our Wall Art is beautiful to look at, sure. But its real power lies in its potential to inspire learning and boost attainment.

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