Case Study

SAS Long Covid Case Study

What can SAS do to help support staff with COVID-19 Fatigue?

The SAS Wellbeing team were contacted in May 2020 by a female PE teacher in her 30s who was diagnosed with COVID-19 in March 2020.

  • Patient had two previous hospital admissions due to breathlessness
  • Avid runner and no previous medical history
  • Found everyday tasks a struggle
  • Contacted SAS Wellbeing support when she was ready to resume normal activity. 


SAS supported this member of staff with the following services:

Nurse Support: In house nurse Mandy supported, listened and offered her general advice with regards to what she could do to not overexert herself and slowly resume normal activity.

Physiotherapy: SAS Physiotherapist Mike assessed current medical fitness and joint fatigue, offered support to increase activity. 

Personal Trainer: In conjunction with physio, our SAS personal trainer Ed gave her some coaching to slowly increase activity and build her strength. 

Complimentary Therapy: In this instance, due to the joint fatigue she was experiencing, SAS funded massage to help her move towards resuming normal activity. 

Counselling: One of our counselling team helped with the effects fatigue was having on her mental health, whilst also relieving any anxieties surrounding return to work. 

Relaxation Techniques and Positive Thinking: To help improve her mindset after the experience, patient had one to one sessions with SAS Mindfulness and Wellbeing Consultant June to proactively support her mental health. 

The wellbeing support recieved enabled this staff member to return to work sooner than initially expected and saved their school over £1,000 in wellbeing support alone. SAS Wellbeing is complimentary with our staff absence insurance policies. 


To learn more about what SAS Whole School Wellbeing support can offer your school community, contact our wellbeing team on 01773 814 403 or email