Case Study

How schools are creating a vital source of income like The Duchess's High School Trust

We all know how difficult it can be to fundraise for your school, asking parents to volunteer their time and maintain momentum throughout the year. While school discos, sponsored events, and quiz nights offer sporadic influxes of funding, thousands of schools across the UK are introducing a permanent solution to keep their fundraising topped up.

‘easyfundraising is a vital source of income for us. We love it because our supporters can raise funds for us without making a donation themselves,’ commented Katherine Williams, Chair of The Duchess's High School Trust.

The Duchess's High School Trust has raised over £1,300 for free because big brands like Asda, Amazon, M&S,, Clarks, Waterstones, Argos, and 7,000 others want to give back to communities. That’s why they have partnered with easyfundraising, so when someone shops online with them, the brands give back a percentage of what an online shopper spends to your school; for free. It’s like using a cashback site, but instead of the money going to one individual, as a collective, your community can raise for your school.

easyfundraising in action

Parent Sarah is buying new school shoes for her twins. Instead of visiting the Clarks website, Sarah heads to the easyfundraising website first and then clicks on the Clarks link. 

easyfundraising directs Sarah to Clarks, where she buys two pairs of shoes. Because Sarah started at easyfundraising first, her twin's school will receive free funding directly from Clarks. Sarah is happy with her purchase, and her twin's school is delighted they have benefited from Sarah’s smart shopping.

With 24% of the UK shopping online 2-5 times a week, the collective shopping of teachers, governors, parents, and carers would be a huge boost to your school's fundraising. Katherine continued, ‘mostly donations are a few pence, but it is surprising how quickly they add up. Every now and again, we get a bigger donation that gives us another boost.’ Most brands offer a percentage back based on how much an online shopper spends with them, while supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and Morrisons offer monetary value to new and existing customers.

Making fundraising easy for parents and carers

In an age of fast-paced lifestyles, the great bit about easyfundraising is that it doesn’t encroach on parents' time and requires minimal effort. That’s why easyfundraising has built several tools to make a parent supporting their child’s school even easier. For parents who shop on laptops and computers, there is a handy reminder that when downloaded, pops up, so parents can collect free funding in just one click. Or, for the parents who shop via their mobile, the easyfundraising app keeps things really simple. Katherine continues, ‘once they have installed the app, they get a reminder every time they shop online. easyfundraising does exactly what it says - helps us to raise funds easily!’

How to get started and the support easyfundraising offer to schools

Getting started is simple. All you need to do is create your school profile on the easyfundraising site. Once signed up, easyfundraising suggests booking a call with one of their team. They have dedicated school specialists who know the best way of getting your school off to the right start. They will provide a demo of the platform; so you are clear on how the site works. Show you how to track your supporters and the free funding they have helped generate, and demonstrate where you can find all the posters, social media images, and more to promote yourselves to your school community.

Create a permanent and inclusive fundraising solution for your school today.