Webinar - Stretch and challenge with baseline assessment

17th Apr 2024

Cambridge CEM
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Stretch and challenge - using baseline assessments to identify high performing students or students in need 

Wednesday 17 April, 4pm


How do you identify which students in your class need a challenge and which need extra support? Are some students struggling with their learning? Or maybe some are achieving beyond your expectations? 

Baseline assessments support you to tailor your teaching to cater for the range of abilities within your class – unlock hidden talents and recognise areas for improvement. 

In this webinar we’ll look at how baseline assessment data can be used to inform and adapt your teaching style to support all students, using cohort overviews and individual student snapshots. We will discuss:

  • Using baseline assessment to understand the range of ability in your class
  • How to identify students in need of challenge or support
  • Intervention ideas
  • How to use baseline data to track progress and improvement