Teacher CPD: How to use creative tools to explore "toxic" masculinity

5th Dec 2023

Changing Relations C.I.C.
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27 November 2023

NB: This is a partner event, please contact the provider above regarding booking

Is masculinity toxic? Are you worried about the influence of Andrew Tate? Would you like help to challenge masculine stereotypes?

Arts education company, Changing Relations, have developed a brand new resource to support schools - and others who work with young people - to explore the stereotypes and expectations surrounding masculinity. What is “normal”? Is this a healthy or helpful set of expectations for boys and young men? What do the alternatives look like?

Using a mixture of visual art, co-created with Northeast boys and men, alongside poetry and real-life stories, Lads, lads, lads creates a safe, non-confrontational space to explore this tricky theme. 

In a time in which Andrew Tate has been inducting boys as young as 12 into a toxic and misogynistic “cult” of masculinity, we want to support educators to gently challenge the boys you work with to navigate a healthier ladhood.

Education North Tyneside will host an after-school teacher CPD session in which you will have the opportunity to work with Changing Relations' new resource to:

  • Establish why it is necessary to think about masculinity
  • Explore how gender roles and expectations around manhood can be linked with negative life outcomes for men
  • Consider what we can do differently in our response to men and boys
  • Consider some of the stereotypical views of women and how this might influence boys' attitudes to girls
  • Recognise the dynamics that need to be challenged, rather than excused or accepted, in regards to sexual attitudes and behaviours

Book your place and get a free copy of Lads, lads, lads to take away.

With many thanks to Education North Tyneside for providing refreshments and a venue for this event.




The Langdale CentreLangdale Gardens, Wallsend