Managing organisational change: redundancies, restructures, reorganisations

24th Mar 2022

Muckle LLP
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School Business Management
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Would you like more confidence in managing organisational change: redundancies, restructures and reorganisations? It can be complicated but, like everything, it’s much easier when you know how. This employment training course will give you the confidence to handle these kind of issues in-house.


Our course is practical too. This course includes lots of practical, every-day examples to help you easily apply the training to your organisation and the management of your employees, as well as giving you your own workbook and materials to refer to after the course has finished.


What we will help you understand

  • The legal obligations underpinning organisational change and your employer obligations;
  • Contracts of employment and how to make changes;
  • How to ensure fairness in a redundancy process and dismissal, including pooling and selection criteria;
  • Individual and collective consultations and managing employee and industrial relations arising from change; and
  • How to manage common and tricky situations.


This course is ideally suited to all HR professionals, Owners/Managers, senior leaders, School business managers or anyone involved in dealing with employee issues within their organisations.


To book a place please visit: A discount code of 10% is available for SNE members. Please contact to access the promotion code.