Ednorth TeachMeet - Literacy

22nd Mar 2023

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Ednorth TeachMeet - Literacy


Wednesday 22nd March, 4.30 - 6.00pm


The TeachMeets aren’t a conference or a webinar, they are an online space where school staff can share their practices with colleagues. We are inviting you to join in a discussion with colleagues about what is going on in your specific context.


Literacy is something which follows a pupil throughout their whole school journey from early years all the way to sixth form and beyond.

Many people think that literacy is something which is solely the responsibility of English Teachers or literacy coordinators. However, it is a topic which is taught across the curriculum and in every subject and something which provides young people with the building blocks for success in their careers later in life.


By joining this TeachMeet you have the opportunity to contribute to the discussion as well as hear about:
* Building a cross-curricular approach to teaching literacy.
* Different approaches to encouraging pupil development in literacy.
* Teaching literacy to pupils of varying abilities.


You don't have to be a self-proclaimed ‘expert’ or pedagogy geek to present or speak at this event, just someone passionate about teaching and willing to share with colleagues.

If you are willing to share your practice, please email m.veitch@schoolsnortheast.com to find out more.


COST:  This webinar is FREE to all school delegates.  Delegates must work within a School




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