Ednorth TeachMeet - Behaviour

8th May 2024

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Ednorth TeachMeet - Behaviour


Wednesday 8th May, 3.30 - 5.00pm


Good behaviour in schools is key to a good education. The management of behaviour in the classroom is essential to providing a relaxed, secure and supportive environment, where children can thrive without disruption. Well managed behaviour in schools encourages a safe and enjoyable culture for both staff, and pupils. Although abusive behaviour from students in educational settings is not a new concern, the return to on-site education after the COVID-19 pandemic has seen a rise in behaviour related concerns, such as bullying and resistance to staff authority.


Join us at our next TeachMeet on Wednesday 8 May as we hear from colleagues across the North East, and join in the conversation as we discuss how to tackle behaviour issues in the classroom.


TeachMeets are not about being an expert or having “silver-bullet” solutions, they are about practitioners sharing their classroom experiences with colleagues. If you are interested in speaking at this TeachMeet please fill out the form here. We’d love to hear your methods and solutions!


This event is for School Staff Only


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