Tablets and Supermarket Vouchers for struggling students

27th March 2020

Sandhill View Academy are introducing new measures to their normal way of working in order to make their working day easier, after the announcement that schools will be closing .

Head Teacher, Joanne Maw has made the decision to provide supermarket vouchers to students who are applicable for Free School Meals and are self-isolating or working from home. This is to tackle the concern which has been voiced by many teachers throughout the North-East that some families will be left both isolated and struggling without the hot lunches which schools provide.

Additionally, students who do not have internet access have been provided with tablets and SIM cards to ensure that all pupils are able to access online learning sent from teachers ensuring that no child is missing out on an education during the closure of schools.

The North-East has always been stronger together; we would like to hear how your school is dealing with the issues surrounding school closures and COVID-19.

Let us know what your school is doing.

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