Talk The Talk

Your students need top-notch communication skills to survive life after school.  Talk The Talk oracy workshops and online resources offer them the tools they need to excel.

We'll help your students stand out from the crowd

It’s the confident people that get noticed in life. They stand out from the crowd. And that helps them not just get to the front of the queue, but build healthy relationships, contribute in class, get into University and deliver cracking job interviews.

It’s not about being quiet or loud, introvert or extravert. Confidence is about having the tools to communicate effectively – wants, needs, opinions, hopes and dreams. Communication is key to everything we do.

At Talk The Talk we realise many young people find it tough to be confident. It can be awkward to speak out. But confident people are happy, socially mobile and turn their dreams into plans.

That’s why we’ve developed a set of workshops and online resources to help students like yours become communicators for life. Our sessions are specifically designed for all students of all abilities, however motivated (or not) they are to become better communicators.

Working with our dynamic, carefully-chosen trainers students across the UK are learning how to speak from their heart, structure their thoughts and use body language to develop confidence.

With our help - and your support - your students can proudly take their place as the next generation of active citizens.

Our funder, The Four Acre Trust, will pay 50% of the cost of every workshop we deliver in your school. If you share our vision of giving young people the best start in life, contact us and find out you can get involved.

Talk About Transition - Years 6 & 7

Talk About Communication - Years 7 - 11

Talk About The Future - Years 11 - 13

Talk The Talk Teacher CPD - Staff

Twitter: @talkthetalkuk


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