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From tables and chairs through to 3D walkthroughs, School Supplier are your one stop shop. We manufacture and also work with some excellent partners that aim to service all your needs in one place:

* Furniture

* Storage

* Sensory

* Technology

* ID products and many more.

Latest Offers

Free week's trial of Ricochet Wobble Stool

The Ricochet Wobble Stool is designed for children who struggle with listening and learning without fidgeting. This product has been designed with a 360 degree base, so allows the student to rock around and event turn fully, but then helps them to concentrate on the lesson.

The Ricochet Wobble stool comes in 4 sizes and is aimed at all ages from 3+ and comes in five colours.

We are offering a free weeks trial (excluding postage) as we are very aware that each student is different, and you want to make sure the product works over a period of time and not as a gimmick.

Please have a look at the website and contact us for more information or to take a look at the product.