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Sage for Education is an online accounting platform tailored specifically for the education sector. It helps you manage your school’s income, expenditure, track budgets and produce reports for your stakeholders.  

Its been designed with both maintained schools and academies in mind and is scalable so that its suitable for the smallest primary and the largest MAT chain.  

Many of our Sage for Education clients were using outdated and cumbersome finance systems fraught with inefficiencies and issues that have been mandated down from their local authority.

We appreciate you may have the same issues and challenges, please do contact me on the email below to arrange a face to face consultation or if you prefer we can arrange a remote demonstration of the system.

Key Features / Benefits of using Sage for Education

  • Unlimited Customer Support – Call our award winning technical support teams as often and as much as you need, at no extra cost.
  • Throughout Sage for Education you have interactive help files and imbedded help files for every task you carry out on whilst using the system.
  • Scalability – as your MAT grows , you can add additional sites for only an additional £30 per month and £15 per additional user.
  • Transparent pricing for the system – from the start you are given one cost which can be paid upfront or monthly, allowing you to budget accurately.
  • Consolidation - Financial reporting across a trust, and at trust level for academies.
  • Facilitate annual reports and report at various levels within a MAT.
  • You can assign budgets to budget holders and email reports to them. Budget holders can access real time budget information.
  • With “one click” you run SOFA reports from Sage for Education.
  • Improve control and visibility with a tiered nominal structure that allows for cost centre and departmental analysis.
  • Paperless teacher purchase order requests with budget holder setting and authorisation limits.
  • Automatically generate reports on key areas such as fund spend, budget against actuals and commitments.
  • Remote access via your mobile or tablet device.

If you feel you would benefit from seeing what’s available from the Sage for Education solution, we would love to show you.  Please register for an online demonstration with us. or call : 0797 694 8933


Park Royal Community School

"I chose Sage because I wanted reliable cloud-based financial management software for the education sector.

Sage for Education meets my needs perfectly"


Diane Groves - School Business Manager